Since 1978 I have been fortunate to sail wooden boats. In 2006 I set out to find a Drascombe Longboat Cruiser for single-handed expedition sailing. This is the continuing story of how it came to be, our adventures, notes on the maritime world and other things I don't want to forget...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cayo Day 4

Granola bars, bananas and coffee for breakfast. Set out south down the east side of Pine Island. A very easy run downwind using the whisker and bamboo poles to wing out the jib and main with a make-shift preventer settling the head sail. We picked up the markers rimming the north end of the island and slipped into what we would learn is called the Miserable Mile. Green and red markers zigged and zagged as we followed the narrow cut toward the village of Matlacha (mat-la SHAY). Arriving we tied up to a work dock by the bridge we came across days before on our way to Bokeelia. Inquired about a lunch place and ended up moving through the nearby canal and tying up at Old Fish House Marina. Terry had an oyster sandwich and I, a mullet wrap.

Old Fish House Marina

Pine Island shrimper


We walked along the small, funky shops and grabbed an ice cream before heading back north. Crossed over to the east side of the cut into the flats and fished with new 'shrimp lures" we picked up at a bait shop. Had a few bites but guess what... no luck. We continued north anchoring by a hammock and got hit hard by mosquitoes. Re-anchoring nearer the channel we finished dinner in a breeze and turned in early.

Moon over the mangroves

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