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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Big Upgrade?

Why is there basically only one handheld GPS company? Many have wondered. But as you might guess that when I went shop for a new model it would be a Garmin. Well there.

I have been happily using a MAP76 for the past 15+ years and several thousand miles of wandering. The unit is black & white, has only the base map and works great. Tides are dynamic and easy to access, waypoints work well and tracks save easily. And there is manual that is made of paper. 

I just thought it was time for an upgrade and after as much research as I could stand and a backup opinion from Steve, I shelled out the dough- ie charged it on PayPal- for a MAP86sc. When it came I open the quickstart manual that basically told how to turn on the unit and quickly (there's that word again) downloaded the obtuse full manual. It reminded me of when I would try to sort out how to record a movie on VHS. Ugh.

Well cut to the chase... the included Blue Charts are nice. The tide charts are not time dynamic but exist, charges like a phone (no removable batteries) and there is access to loads of internet-based features that I would have to pair my phone to. If there was service. And power bank recharge to spare.

I feel like I will learn to love it with use. So I'll hush and start planning a trip.

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