Since 1978 I have been fortunate to sail wooden boats. In 2006 I set out to find a Drascombe Longboat Cruiser for single-handed expedition sailing. This is the continuing story of how it came to be, our adventures, notes on the maritime world and other things I don't want to forget...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the Transition

I ran Annie's outboard in a big bucket yesterday. That is the most attention she has got since December.  We have been busy organizing and cleaning our house pending our next life move. That means a lot of small decisions, pitching unneeded 'stuff ', a big yard sale, and trips to storage. And as soon as it seems like it should be over, we start again. More of the same. I am amazed (and don't take that as a cliche) that we have collected so much over the years. For the most part it is going away... going to friends, strangers, good causes and the dump.

I look forward to seeing the world through new eyes and in some ways that is starting to happen. Annie is a simple being. Every piece of line has a purpose... whether to directly position a sail, hold you fast or wait in a designated place to be ready when needed. That unencumbered, clear, and simple design is our personal goal as well. Onward.

Eleanor sorts through her studio

From drawer to storage bin


  1. hi curt, gee, this is first time i'd had to visit your blog and it's sure been informative and inspiring. Thanks for writing it! I'm sad you and Eleanor are in the midst of uprooting from this special place where Carter and I have just moved, but am glad to have had the chance to meet you both. Seeing your smiling faces at Black Molly's the other night was a treat! Did you get a chance to see my blog yet?
    all the best to you two...and let me know where there's a yard sale! i bet you guys have tons of great goodies. Love and Light, and many fair winds to guide your journey in Europe, where'er you land or sea it.

  2. Wow, I don't pay attention for a while and the world shifts. You and Eleanor will be missed, I am sure. Are you still planning on Cedar Key, etc, for this year? Also, when is the yard sale?