Since 1978 I have been fortunate to sail wooden boats. In 2006 I set out to find a Drascombe Longboat Cruiser for single-handed expedition sailing. This is the continuing story of how it came to be, our adventures, notes on the maritime world and other things I don't want to forget...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Late Fall Down South

I have started to look at a November trip to Cayo Costa. My sailing friend Terry and I are planning to take Annie down the 2nd week and set off to explore the islands around Charlotte Harbor. From St. Augustine, it is a good 5-6 hour drive through the middle of the state. It will most likely still be warm there and the blue water, white beaches, exotic flora and good fishing make for a tempting adventure.

My friend Ron (WaterScribe) is leading a group of West Coast Trailer Sailors the week after but with other commitments that time slot was out for us. I am interested in tapping Ron's knowledge of the area.

Good luck Steve and Spartina on your trip up the Chesapeake!

Cayo Costa from the north

Crossing the State
A possible launch at Bokeelia


  1. Dear Curt Bowman,
    We had an e-mail correspondence a few years ago as I was considering having Ted Perry build a lugger or a longboat for me. That didn't happen, or at least not yet, but I am in touch with him about the lugger he now has for sale.
    Just wanted to say that I enjoy your "log" on your adventures in Annie, and hope you keep it up.
    All the best, David Traxel

  2. Thanks for the note David. I am enjoying writing the blog and am glad you are as well reading it. If you decide to purchase from Ted... you will not be disappointed.

  3. Thank you for this post, hope there will be some other more when you come back from the adventure, I'd like to know more about your vessel.