Since 1978 I have been fortunate to sail wooden boats. In 2006 I set out to find a Drascombe Longboat Cruiser for single-handed expedition sailing. This is the continuing story of how it came to be, our adventures, notes on the maritime world and other things I don't want to forget...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Old Gift

Spring readiness projects have been going well. Small repairs are done and tomorrow the weather looks nice for a trip over to Urbanna to re-rig Annie. The yard jaws needed new leather and I had just the right piece. I have been carrying around a bag of leather my dad gave me from the furniture plant he ran while I was a boy. He taught me how to make things and solve problems. His lessons have come in handy more than once on the water. There are only a few pieces left now after more than thirty years but it still feels good to find a use for them.


  1. My old dad was a sailmaker and upholsterer. I inherited a bag of tricks from him in the way of sail makers needles, wax and a sailmakers 'palm' that helps you push the needles through thick sailcloth - its on my boat, ready for use.

  2. I'm sure you remember him each time you pull them out.