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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hunting a New Home Port

Eleanor and I drove over to Mathews County, Virginia to meet our friend Frog from St. Augustine. He spends a couple of months a year in Mathews enjoying autumn on the Chesapeake Bay and knew people and places that might be helpful in finding a place to keep Annie. We have rented an apartment in Richmond for the year with no place for boat storage.

We drove all around the county and settled on Winter Harbor Haven Marina for its price, boat ramp and proximity to the Bay. After our search Frog took us by canoe to a private beach for a swim. He is quite the host.

 We will be moving Annie in a couple of weeks from North Carolina. Back in the water again!

... if you are interested in our Iberian trip check out   The Blog Archive (left column) will help you navigate from the beginning in April

Mathews County, Virginia

Winter Harbor Haven Marina

An alternative boat ramp

An early possible storage in the trees at Denise's house

Frog's Autumn Palace at Denise's

Cormorants drying out

Low tide

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